Amazing what analytics can tell you…

I’m working with a new client that is excited to work with her extended base Facebook followers.  It’s these followers that can give for a very powerful test group – hence the reason for today’s blog post.

After jumping into the company’s FB page I did the usual surf around, checked out the pics of the other admin’s (I’m yet to meet them) and then headed where all good Social Media marketers go….the analytics page. Low and behold the most powerful BFO (Blinding flash of the obvious) has finally hit the client – the bulk of her potential customers are actually in a different state!

The analytics also showed that her target market could potentially be misinterpreted based on the analytics – in the reporting the bulk of her visitors are in the 18-35 age group however early discussions led to (guessing??) everyone thinking the bulk of the client makeup was in fact in the 27-40 age group.

So armed with this info I decided to dig a little deeper and formulate an online survey with about 10 questions and a sweetener to ensure traction (Gold Class movie tickets). Its early days yet but so far the info coming into my inbox tells a very interesting story. I don’t usually pull any punches when I craft my survey questions – at the end of the day theres little time to beat around the bush right?

Analytics is not just confined to your FB pages…your website is also another critical caretaker of such valuable information. When I talk about website analytics – and I don’t mean those dreary server side reports most people tend to shy away as lets face it involves putting a small amount of code into the back-end of the developers realm..the short version is simple – if your website manager isn’t using Google analytics he or she is not doing you much of a favour (please excuse my comments if you use other industry products at the same level as Google’s product).

My first ever recollection of Google’s product many birthdays back was very impressionable – some of my traffic was coming from Guam…wow I thought how cool. Little did I realise back then that those metrics do nothing for ROI.

Now i’ll be the first to admit that Google Analytics is incredibly detailed and complex for the noobs amongst us, however there is a plethora of interesting help sections and if you Google – ‘analytics’ help you will see plenty of information and tips from other users.

Good luck with the analytics hunt…don’t get too lost!

Stay tuned as the results will be ready by the first week of march. Moral of this story is simple – get access to any form of analytical information your with regards to any of the web presentations you manage or indeed own. always dig deep and ask pertinent questions of those managing what could potentially be a big black hole that simply suck in money and spits little back.


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