Being Social – what do you know about your co-workers?

Whilst surfing the net over the first cup of coffee for the day I came across a nifty little site called

The logic is simple – users register, load up 5 questions about themselves then share with others in their network. Once shared others can log in and answer the questions in a true or false format.

screenshot of

What I like about this concept is the ability for people to share interesting tidbits about themselves. I know that when I manage groups or engage with workshop teams the ability to break the ice is imperative to how the rest of the day pans out.

I have used a similar concept in the past when engaging teams – not web-based, more face to face. Post the excercise it’s really interesting just what comes out. More importantly is the conversations had with and between co-workers which ultimately become priceless.

These types of ‘people ice-breakers’ and online personal sharing platforms are getting more popular and if you look at the rise and rise of there could be a mini boom in the making. started in a college dorm room and quickly spread ‘virally’ – yep its humility based however considering just how simple the concept is can be its destined to go a long way.

Mark Bao the founder sold the concept very quickly to Kevin Ham who coincidently owns more than 300 million dollars worth of parked domain names. (See the video on Kevin Ham at the bottom of this post….makes for interesting listening!)

Ham is known for paying 6 figure sums for url’s he likes – some examples include and

Back to Bao and as an online entrepreneur he came up with the idea to ask punters within their respective network for compliments from others. The users would then post, tweet, write something back.

To me its a simple but effective tool available to everyone and can go along way to involve others…I guess the only issue would be victicious  from past ‘unfriended’ contacts :)

The site’s stats into its third week make for impressive server admin scenarios – 250,000 users, 5 million total visitors, 4.3 million words and 17 million page views. (info retrieved from TNW)


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