Facebook to find a killer?

Interesting reading today on the Mercury’s website (yep I refuse to buy the paper!)….if you didn’t hear the news, a chap by the name of Paul Barker has pleaded with Police to set-up a Facebook page that can aid in closing his brothers (Shane Barker) shooting murder in Campbell Town almost 2 years ago. Shane Barker

What’s interesting about this story is not so much one persons journey to get the states police service to set up a generic ‘crime stoppers’ Facebook page, but a discussion around the need to start adopting Social Media in more and more public services.

In the Mercury the commentary leads the reader to believe its a resourcing issue, and that the brother cannot do it himself, however with the state of technology and the results associated with effective campaigns surely the cost to resource is no longer a burden?

I’d rather see less fancy speed cameras and number plate recognition devices and more funding directed at Social Media initiatives.

Read the statistics with regards to the recent cyclone Yasi in Queensland – some 171,000 hits to the main Social Media information page – all managed by the Queensland Government.

Mr Barker if you are reading this contact us – The Facebook page is easy to set up and manage….hopefully your journey for information ends soon!

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