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Startup Tasmania

One of my passions deals with the ability to believe in people who are passionate about an idea, a dream or even a business model. Incubation of entrepreneur’s isn’t a new thing however of late my experiences have taken me to Hobart Tasmania, where a dedicated group of thought leading entrepreneurs are busy sketching their plans for a shared accommodation facility.

The idea is pretty simple grab a bunch of founding tenants to a city office tenancy, lock in 5 entrepreneurs to ‘own’ the lease and the rest can be sublet to aspiring business people, entrepreneurs and wannabe tycoons.

Start-up Tasmania is the running name and so far has gained incredible acceptance and response from a group of dedicated passionate people.

What I can see is the formation of something truly unique in the space once reserved for those lucky enough to have received angel funding due to a pitch for $$. The last meeting took place (in a pub !) on Friday March the 4th and the ideas thrown around the room with some even committing to funding anchor tenancies.

The end outcome can only be but beneficial to all involved – if anything the opportunity to share office space with like-minded people all with plans to take an idea to a fully commercial level.

This link shows you a similar concept in the US called the Makery. Each ‘tenant’ has ample space to use as a shared workspace and $300 a month you end up getting more than just a desk.

Whilst the proposed concept for Tasmania may differ it is good to know the opportunity to foster business ideas and relationship is well and truly alive.

Stay tuned for further info or if interested drop us a line to discuss further.

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