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My birth year

Here is a different slant on technology and the way we immerse ourselves in the day-to-day.

I recently re-ignited the Chrome browser on my new MacBook Pro and much to my delight the download coincided with my uptake of the new Google App store.

Lets face it there are plenty of app stores out there but among them I found this cool little app – called ‘What happened in my birth year’

The simplicity of the concept is great and the throughput once you engage with it is even better.

Simply put you place your year of birth into the screen = it goes dark during a countdown to your year and once it reaches black it begins typing to you all the elements that made your year of birth both interesting as well as captivating.

In my year The Godfather 2 came out, Leonardo DiCaprio was born and the Fox and the Hound movie hit the cinemas.

For the sake my vanity I won’t show the year but have a go yourself. (you will need Chrome installed – but worth the effort)

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