Why WebTragics?

The preamble and the name

From our experience the future of the web is an ever evolving medium. What is gospel one day is old hat the next. Buzz words often pop up overnight and so to do the consultants,  ready sell you a solution that will cost the earth but deliver no real return.

Before we answer why, we think its important to highlight our background to fill in some of the gaps.

Firstly the name; this is by far the most common conversation had among customers, suppliers and even our peers…in hindsight we should have given our identity / brand  further consideration…or should we stop beating ourselves up about the choice?

For example if you throw the word ‘Tragic’ around down at the pub to a bunch of Generation Y’s and they seem to accept the word ‘Tragic’ as someone totally immersed in a hobby, an activity or a past-time. I’m talking about Star Trek fans and the like.

Repeat the exercise to a bunch of Baby Boomers and the reaction is completely the opposite – in fact it provides for some interesting conversation and criticism.

At the end of the day it’s all about the dialogue created in the naming…we take no credit in turning the name choice into a conversation piece however after a while it begins to sink in and people do talk about it….so kudos to us I guess.

In the early 90′s José ran into a private investigator who handed over a business card upon buying what was back then, a leading edge analogue mobile phone (the size of a shoe box). The business showed the name Eleventwelve investigations. When quizzed the owner said it was all about getting people to remember the business name.

To this day that conversation and customer remains firmly entrenched in José’s memory.

Why WebTragics?

WebTragics is all about our collective addiction to anything technology and web related….


We are constantly immersing ourselves in the potential and reach of the medium, the products and the people behind the scenes going about their day-to-day activities pumping out great product, innovative online solutions and  generally keeping the entrepreneur element alive and kicking.

So with the name firmly entrenched (we have heaps of stationary printed!!) the next step is to try to convince potential partners and customers why we are different.

The summary pitch is simple – WebTragics is the glue keeping projects together….how is this possible? simple WebTragics has an extensive o of credible business operators be it big or small that are willing to partner along and aid the clients of WebTragics with provision for expert services and product.

Essentially WebTragics comes in at the beginning and establishes needs and collaborates with its network of suppliers to then present back to the client a strategy moving forward.

An example

A good example is one of our current customers that needs a full-blown e-commerce platform with custom checkout systems and social media marketing. The clients are very busy managing what they do best – running their store. The clients chose WebTragics to undertake the discovery and summarise all the findings and recommendations with a plan.

WebTragics then combines the aims of the business, the strategic endeavours, branding aspirations, goals and milestones. During the debrief stage the end client is introduced to the chosen collaborators. This way the clients get top choose from a healthy list of contributors before making the final decision on who they want to work with during the development stages of the project.

Some projects will last a month others several years – WebTragics acts as the project manager and facilitator of providers. As WebTragics has verifiable experience and past business ownership battle scars it stands to make a great plan come together.

What’s in it for WebTragics? a newer and more robust way of doing business – think of us as project managers but with an interesting network of providers all offering different skills and experience. Preference is given to suppliers that meet the needs of the end client and unlike an Agency which keeps its staff reasonably hidden all contributors to the project are constantly in contact and form part of the overall development.

Our online project management software keeps accountability up and results firmly  visible and when you apply Agile development methodologies, efficiencies and cost savings are clearly spelled out.

Is the Web Agency Dead?

We Think so!

With regards to the ‘Agency’ concept – WebTragics and most of the other collaborators have had extensive exposure to the inner workings of a web agency – some good and some bad …lets face it behind the scenes a business needs income to pay for the lights, wages and hopefully at the end of the day leave some in the kitty to spoil the business owners.

Unfortunately offering all things to all people under the one umbrella is without doubt one of the most challenging elements to manage. If the firm has web designers that are busy and the development and coding teams are not it starts to formulate bottle necks and cause for working deficiencies…not to mention wasted resourcing, budget blowouts and the inevitable crushing of client expectations.

The WebTragics concept is completely different – clients still get the full service offering but with one major point of difference….an option to select the best available operator at the time that is best suited to the client.

Case Study

For example One of our designers was recently hired for a client to undertake some designs, prototyping and wire-framing. Whilst he was busy another client popped up and required some WordPress customisation.

Normally in an agency this task would be taken on board and  scheduled to the first available designer. Lets face its a simple job however agency’s generally need access to high worth projects so smaller jobs that disrupt workflow and cashflow are often neglected….obviously this affects client satisfaction.

With the WebTragics concept if any of the collaborators are busy we simply refer the opportunity to other pre-screened quality service providers.

This keeps the clients happy, the projects delivered on time and generally speaking for a lot less cost as most of the collaborators are smaller lower cost operations.

What keeps WebTragics Busy?

If we are not out drinking copious amounts of coffee with clients or flying between the states catching up with our network, interviews and collaborator choice is undertaken.

We are always at the pulse of each project – assessing and project managing the milestones . We are also busy researching topics of interest and planning training workshops and mentoring sessions. We also love to get out in front of the public and talk about:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Cloud Computing
  • Product photography for web
  • Social Media and
  • Other web specific content such as usability and yes even YouTube vids that have tickled our fancy.

Pick us!

So with background spilled out for all to see – do you think WebTragics is for you and your organisation? simply email us or call us to discuss further addicted@webtragics.com.au – could your business be the next case study / success story? we want to know!

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